I aim to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.
-quote from the newspaperman Finley Peter Dunne

Abstract painting, for me, is painting forms which don’t have intrinsic meaning. Their meanings are interwoven where new semantic meanings arise and decoded by the individual viewer.
- Kathe Madrigal

Kathe Madrigal creates art that tells you that you are are allowed to question. It’s important to live with art that can let you unravel and think beyond. With Kathe’s work, you can look them over and over and always find something new; in the painting and in yourself.

Currently, in 2020, Kathe is  painting the relationship between nature’s ability to create order out of chaos and subsequently, the forces of nature that destroy it. Energy organizes and disperses itself constantly preventing any such idea of perpetuity. It ends with a piece that puts two opposing ideas together creating a singular voice of beauty and structure. The other area she is exploring is the future of AI, virtual/augmented reality, and how the next generations might be experiencing the world. And in between, she produces abstract pieces via action mark making. Each piece is built upon multiple layers which are created and edited repeatedly to reveal a final work of art.

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