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​​​​​​​​​KATHE MADRIGAL​​​​

Remember the last time you went to a gallery....or museum...? Remember when that one painting stopped you in your tracks and you just fell into it... letting you just...Be.

That is healing. In that moment, you were whole.

I paint just as much to make myself whole, as to make you whole. My aim is to hit an emotional cord in you that when you view my paintings, you loose yourself, shedding away all that has distracted you from who you are.

You just see….You Feel.      If I’ve captured that, I’ve succeeded. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kathe Madrigal was trained as a fine artist, and received her BFA from U.C.S.B. She continued her art studies at U.C.L.A. Her paintings are exhibited at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Her work is also available from both ArtDimensionsOnline.com, for Art Direction rentals and also "rent to own" for private corporations and individuals. She also is represented by SourceArt.com. 

Kathe currently works in her studio located at 1294 Pacific Coast Hwy unit E, in 
Laguna Beach, California.

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​"My Mission: I want to create art that tells you that you are are allowed to feel wonderful. To shed the year's, week's, day's stresses and discomfort and just let yourself fall into the art to recreate your pure, perfect wholeness. "